Dear Members,

We have celebrated our wonderful and varied religious holidays in isolation – reaching out as best we could – and being grateful for technology that brought family and friends “together.”

            And now we are trying to organize our lives around the new reality of a pandemic that can destroy our loved ones. There is one basic rule: STAY HOME. Yes, wash your hands, but stay home as best you can. And reach out, as best you can, to those who are the most isolated.

Should you need to speak to someone – and connect – try me at 617.227.3662. As Maya Angelou said: “You may not control all the events that happen to you. But you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

We can do this….


Daily updates are sent out by various government agencies. You may find these links helpful:


Before the shutdown, WECA’s Zoning and Planning Committee welcomed a presentation from Abi Vladeck, A Senior Project Manager for the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) will be holding an online discussion with Abi to learn more about the state’s proposal to redevelop the site of the Hurley Building. DCAMM will make a presentation and a discussion will follow.

The meeting will be held Thursday, April 16 at 4 pm. To join, please email and Patricia Tully of BHCA will send you the Zoom meeting link. Zoom is available as a free and easy-to-use app on a wide range of computers, phones and tablets (including iPhone and iPad). If you are interested, we encourage you to join the meeting.  

The Hurley Building is a state office building located on Cambridge Street between Staniford and New Chardon Streets. Completed in 1971, it currently has about 241,000 net SF / 327,000 gross SF; about 625 occupants; and shares 200 parking spaces with the adjacent Lindemann Building. (The Lindemann Health Center would continue to operate and is not part of this redevelopment process.)

The state’s preliminary redevelopment proposal is to seek a redevelopment partner for the site, who will build additional office space for private use as well as replacement office space for the state. The site is zoned for up to four to five times the current floor area (up to 1.2 million net SF), with heights of 125 feet along the street edges and 400 feet on the interior. The State estimates it will take about three years for construction to begin, and two years to complete (for a total of five years to redevelop the site).

For more information, see the state’s Hurley Redevelopment web page and the Project Overview (PDF) here

KENZIE BOK, Boston City Council, District 8

Kenzie’s “Baptism by Fire” has demonstrated her excellent leadership qualities. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter by contacting

Emily Brown, Director of Policy and Communications, Liaison for the West End, Audubon Circle, Kenmore, and Back Bay


  • Upcoming Meetings – Amy Lowell Coffee Hour – Suspended until further notice.
  • Andy Frain Services (Security)
  • Barry McGrath


Just before Paces had to close its wonderful Café area, our terrific Jay held one of his neighborhood “office hours” there for West End residents. There was a nice turnout of neighbors with, thank goodness! great questions for our hard-working Rep. You can reach Jay at

            We couldn’t resist taking a photo of Jay with one of our favorite Paces People!


Please do not drop off any book you want to return! All late fees will be waived if you just hold on to them until the Library sends out updated information. Again – no fines!

The ABCD Food Bank at the Library is closed, as is their Boston office. Their nearest office accepting food donations is ABCD East Boston APAC 21 Meridan Street East Boston, MA 02128 Phone: 617.567.8857.


            Should we see each other out on a safe-distance stroll, wearing our mask/scarf, please assume there is a smile under the fabric – and please give a warm wave!

Jane Breschard Wilson



Written by wecaedit