At our December 4 Annual Meeting/Holiday Party, the Election Committee reported that quorum had been reached, and announced the results of our annual election.


Chosen to serve in 2020 are:

             President – Jane Breschard Wilson

             President-Elect – Montez Haywood

             Past President – John M. Wilson

             Treasurer – Fred DiFiore

             Clerk – Thomas Maguire


             Board Members

                         Susann Benoit

                         Richard Ilgen

                         Noah Lucia

                         Martha Maguire


It was gratifying to see 70 of our members – including many new ones! – at the event.


Since our inception in 2000, the West End Civic Association’s mission has been to enhance and protect the quality of life in the West End. Whether it concerns proposed new construction, government action, safety issues or contact with city officials, our committed volunteer members act in the interest of the West End’s residents. Our events and meetings provide opportunities to get acquainted with neighbors who share common goals for the future of the West End and to learn about what is going on in the neighborhood.


We look forward to another successful year! 


Written by wecaedit