Election Committee – An Election Committee shall be formed every year. It shall have the most recent available past President as its chairperson and one member elected by each committee. The Election of Officers and elected Members of Board shall be made by a majority vote on individual letter ballots sent to all voting members of the Association in good standing.

The Membership Committee Shall recruit new Members, obtain their registration as defined in the admission procedure of these By-Laws and introduce new Members to the Organization.

The Liaison Committee shall assist the President in establishing and maintaining contacts with other civic organizations whose interests coincide with all or some of the interests of the Association. The President of the Association shall be the chair of this committee.

The Program Committee shall select and invite speakers to present viewpoints of interest to the Membership. Its leader shall be appointed by the Board.

The Zoning and Planning Committee will ensure that developments in the West End and vicinity enhance the quality of life and do not adversely affect West End residents. 

Temporary Committees


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